Thursday, July 12, 2012

Don't Judge Me

I enjoy the show Big Brother. I like watching the people who are cooped up like lab rats, especially when they start to break down and start getting 'real' with one another. I like watching people who like to be watched, suffer. I am not proud to admit that.

This season is like every other. The 'cast' is made up of mostly pretty entitled white people who are way too impressed with themselves to ever be truly 'likable'. In fact the person who wins the season is usually the biggest dickhead of the bunch. I see nothing different in this new crop of players. Like always, the person who wins will have to cut the throats of those closest to them in the house.

Several past players are back this year to 'coach' the new contestants. I like the twist and especially the fact that Britney is back. I like her alot because in real life she would have nothing but contempt for me. She also has the best meltdowns in reality television. You can't act that kind of crazy. She's a pretty girl but not a pretty person. Britney, thus, is just the kind of bitch that will mentor someone to victory because she LOVES to plot and scheme. Go with what works for you baby and I will watch you all day long.

Sometimes I cheer on the evil people because they are working so hard to entertain me. Sometimes, despite my promises to the gods, someone I truly HATE (like Rachel) keeps advancing in the game. I like those surprises.

I won't bore the uninterested with explanations on how the game works but every couple of episodes someone gets eliminated from the house. On this first episode, the ONLY person of color got the boot, leaving the house even whiter than before. That got me to thinking.

Do you think CBS deliberately tried to skew the cast towards it's main demographic (older white people) by keeping the caste free of too many of those 'scary colored people'? I can't be the only one who noticed this. There are very few 'ethnic' performers on CBS shows. I think that is one of the reason why Julie Chen has so much power at the network (aside from the fact that she is married to CBS CEO Les Moonves). She is a high profile rebuttal to any criticism of CBS's color blindness.

In CBS's continued love affair with the Hantz family, Russel Hantz's (from Survivor) brother Willie is on the show. He looks so much like Russel that all the other contestants suspect he is related. Willie has denied it all. When the other players learn the truth they are going to lose their shit. He already has a target on his back. He needed to be this week's 'Head of Household' just to survive. Luckily, Britney is his coach and was smart enough to reward him with the honor when she was given the opportunity.

There is another William on the show but he spells it Wil. I was hard wired to hate him just because of his faux-Fabio look to begin with but after ten minutes of seeing him in action I was convinced of his dorkness. A pretentious attitude and not doing up the second button of his shirt is not winning him any points with me.


V. Furnas said...

My poor mom couldn't tell if our friend Wil was a boy or girl. He is different.

The show lost me after the challenge...who doesn't love pajama races?

Kal said...

The madness that goes into those huge set pieces is amazing sometimes. That game was HARD and the ability to add a substitude after twenty minutes was genius. I love the huge games. Reminds me of those Japanese or European gameshows.

Hope you will stick with it so I have someone to talk to about this show.